What is yoga?

When most people think of yoga, they imagine people twisting themselves into pretzel shapes or chanting in an incense-filled room. Those things can be a part of yoga, but the true purpose is to learn how to look inside and find peace. Yoga can help us find stillness amid the chaos.


How can yoga help me relax?

Our nervous system can be classified into Sympathetic and Parasympathetic divisions. The Sympathetic system controls the “fight or flight” response. In high-stress situations, when you feel like you want to scream at someone or run away and hide, this is the Sympathetic Nervous System at work. The heart rate rises, the blood rushes into the muscles, the breath quickens. The Parasympathetic system controls the “rest and digest” functions. The breath calms, the pulse lowers, and the blood returns to the organs so the body can do its job.

When the Sympathetic Nervous System is dominant most of the time, those stressful effects build up in the body in the form of physical and mental tension. The breathing, stretching and meditation exercises that yoga gives us will help strengthen the Parasympathetic Nervous System and keep the body in balance.

Yoga also helps us become more aware of our bodies. When we notice tightening in the shoulders, gritting of the teeth or shortening of the breath, it’s easier to take a moment and address those feelings. It’s amazing what a few deep breaths can do!


About Lisa

For Lisa, yoga began as a casual practice to help her remember to breathe in and out, and to move her body. It quickly transformed into an ever-abundant source of physical and emotional empowerment: feeling stronger, happier, healthier, and more connected to living in the present moment. Revealing the positive and transformative nature of yoga is at the heart of all of Lisa's instruction.

Lauren Hanna Foster (E-RYT) guided Lisa through her 200-hr RYT certification. This initial training was in the Baptiste style of Power Vinyasa Yoga, a vigorous, sweaty and athletic style of asana rooted in Ashtanga. Her instruction is also informed by the teachings of Leslie Kaminoff ("asanas don't have alignment; people do"), Sadie Nardini, Faith Hunter, Matt Giordano and countless others. Lisa continues to offer classes in the style of Power Yoga, as well as classes that incorporate a slower and deeper therapeutic Yin approach that focuses on regaining mobility and building stability while decreasing both physical and mental stress. Lisa's diverse teaching methods are adaptable for teenagers and adults of all ages.
Practice with Lisa and prepare to let go of your assumptions about your own limitations. Change is inevitable and constant. When sparked with positive energy and intention for self-care, the journey can be both beautiful and incredible.


Teaching Experience

Philly Power Yoga Philadelphia, PA regular instructor for adult classes Jan 2013- Dec 2015
954 Dance Movement Collective Philadelphia, PA regular instructor for middle school yoga classes Fall 2014
Sweat Fitness (Multiple locations) Philadelphia, PA sub from 2012-2014
Lifesport Fitness Philadelphia, PA sub from 2012-2014
Philadelphia Electric Company aka PECO Philadelphia, PA regular instructor for employee classes 2012-2013
Yoga Garden Philadelphia, PA sub in 2013



"Encouraging, calming, and approachable; three words that come to mind when I think of Lisa. I've had the pleasure of taking her yoga classes over the past eight months and I always leave her classes with a smile on my face and a feeling of ease. Lisa is genuine, she greets you with a smile, and she's attentive to her students during class, providing modifications and making helpful suggestions to help deepen your practice. She's a joy to work with." - Stacey K.

"For me, yoga is all about balance – trying to push yourself to the next level, without overdoing it and straining your body. And a truly unique aspect of Lisa’s teaching style is the focus on breathing through points of discomfort. She encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone, and to maintain calm while doing so. I leave class knowing that I’ve tried and held poses I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. This style of teaching helps to build up my resilience through times of stress, whether it be physical or mental." - Emily G.

"Lisa is a reassuring presence in the studio. In a world where we're always being told to push everything to the limit, her focus on listening to the body, checking in with oneself, and adjusting to suit how you're doing that day is welcome and sound not only in the studio, but in all aspects of life." -Clint R.